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Aircraft type should be considered when choosing the aircraft heater system. Different types of heater systems include, fuel fired heaters, exhaust heating systems, combustion heater systems, and bleed air heating systems.

Fuel Fired Heaters

Often small and portable, fuel fired heaters feature combustion chambers where the fuel-air mixture and ignited using an ignition device. The oxygen is provided by a fan attached to the heater system. Because fuel fired heaters are often portable, fuel is piped into the heater system via an external fuel tank or it can be linked up to the aircraft’s fuel system. Warm air is ducted to the cabin using connecting tubing. Maintaining a fuel fired heater is key. By products of the combustion process such as soot, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide are harmful to humans. Routine checks and maintenance must be carried out to ensure that there are no external leakages. The ignition device and tubing are components that should be replaced after a specific amount of time and use. Running fuel fired heaters requires an electrical power source. 12-volt and 24-volt aircraft electrical systems can accommodate a fuel-fired heater.

Exhaust Heating Systems

The exhaust gas created during the engine combustion process is an efficient means of heating the interior of an aircraft. Though exhaust gas is routed out of the engine and into the atmosphere, some of the gas is redirected to the cabin. Interior climate control and the defrosting mechanisms of an aircraft are fueled by exhaust heating systems. Light aircraft often use this heater system as it is the simplest heater system in design and function. Regardless of the aircraft type however, this particular heater system requires strict maintenance to ensure there are no gas leakages. Technicians should have a maintenance schedule that addresses any fire safety concerns.

Combustion Heater Systems

Small aircraft usually use fuel fired heaters whereas larger aircraft use combustion heater systems. Aircraft fuel is ignited in a large combustion chamber, which is surrounded by an outer stainless-steel casing. A unique function of combustion heater systems is the level of control. A control switch either turns on or off the heater system, depending on the aircraft heat requirement.  Air is forced over the combustion chamber and picks up heat. Ducts then funnel the air into the cabin for heating purposes. The safety problems associated with carbon monoxide are considerably lower in a combustion heater system. Because the ventilation air on the outside of the combustion chamber is of higher pressure than the inside of the chamber, any leaking carbon monoxide would likely be carried out by the exhaust system. Once more, combustion heaters have an additional safety feature in the form of an overheat switch. In the case that the engine overheats, the system will shut off the fuel supply.

Bleed Air Heating Systems

In this heating system, air needs to be cooled rather than heated up. Turbine-engine aircraft use this system to make use of the extremely hot air that has been pushed through the compressor. Hot air is mixed with recirculated air in order to cool it. Once the air has reached the correct temperature, it is ducted into the cabin. Due to the nature of the system, there are many safety checks to ensure the compressed, hot air does not enter the cabin.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
RA-D02C12 ra-d02c12 spark plug Avl RFQ
RA-A55D91 gasket, nozzle holder (s-series) Avl RFQ
RA-88D88-1 gasket Avl RFQ
RA-87A37 gasket, fuel fitting Avl RFQ
RA-83D55-1 mixer Avl RFQ
RA-83A45 gasket, spark plug housing Avl RFQ
RA-82A54 ra-82a54 gasket Avl RFQ
RA-82A52 gasket, nozzle holder Avl RFQ
RA-735411 seal with connector and couplings Avl RFQ
RA-735111 gasket, fuel pump Avl RFQ
RA-735059 gasket, o-ring Avl RFQ
RA-720965 exhaust shroud gasket silicone sponge Avl RFQ
RA-720963 sponge, silicone gasket Avl RFQ
RA-720962 silicone sponge gasket overheat switch Avl RFQ
RA-720141 o-ring Avl RFQ
RA-720012 washer Avl RFQ
RA-719842 lead ignition Avl RFQ
RA-718768-22 o-ring Avl RFQ
RA-715167 copper gasket Avl RFQ
RA-711222 pass through, fuel gasket Avl RFQ
RA-704983 kit, nozzle and solenoid service Avl RFQ
RA-704883 o-ring Avl RFQ
RA-700146 isolation mount package of three Avl RFQ
RA-64A42 resistor Avl RFQ
RA-57D27 filter, ignition noise reduction Avl RFQ
RA-55D91 nozzle holder gasket Avl RFQ
RA-52A02 gasket, head Avl RFQ
RA-488478 plunger, assembly Avl RFQ
RA-477727 gasket, fuel line Avl RFQ
RA-476229 ra-476229 gasket, washer Avl RFQ
RA-474942 igniter assembly serviceable Avl RFQ
RA-474669 gasket Avl RFQ
RA-45A28 washer Avl RFQ
RA-41427 switch, overheat kit Avl RFQ
RA-41426 switch, kit Avl RFQ
RA-41425 switch, overheat kit Avl RFQ
RA-41414 plug, grommet Avl RFQ
RA-41413 mount isolation Avl RFQ
RA-41411 bumper, isolation Avl RFQ
RA-41405 brush, permanent Avl RFQ
RA-41401 fuel, drive pump double shaft 24 vdc Avl RFQ
RA-35D89 gasket Avl RFQ
RA-29D28 head gasket Avl RFQ
RA-25T64-1-1 package of two carbon brush kit Avl RFQ
RA-25T57-3-1 extruded ears carbon brush, .25" x .25" package 2 Avl RFQ
RA-21455 spring Avl RFQ
RA-21454 spring brush Avl RFQ
RA-21452-3 set of 2 carbon brushes- .25" x .25" make up ra-21452-3 brush kit Avl RFQ
RA-21450-1 brush kit, set of two- .25"x.25" Avl RFQ
RA-21425 switch, overheat auto reset prevents overheating by shutting down at 175 degrees Avl RFQ
RA-21175 ra-21175 aircraft heater replacement part, fuel nozzle Avl RFQ
RA-21173 ra-21173 aircraft heater replacement part, fuel nozzle Avl RFQ
RA-17D86 gasket Avl RFQ
RA-14E00-1 serviceable vibrator Avl RFQ
RA-14D29 ra-14d29 gasket, overheat switch Avl RFQ
RA-07D29 overheat switch - manual reset Avl RFQ
PDTCALIBRATION pdt calibration annual calibration of your test unit Avl RFQ
CDA09D77 nozzle holder gasket Avl RFQ
CDA07D67 single strip wheel cda07d67 Avl RFQ
CD93C31 cd93c31 ignition coil 24 vdc system Avl RFQ
CD719843 ignition system cd719843 Avl RFQ
CD70300 adaptable test stand Avl RFQ
CD70222 pressure switch adaptor Avl RFQ
CD70220 water manometer inches Avl RFQ
CD70219 water manometer holder Avl RFQ
CD70200 pdt pressure decay tester kit, new Avl RFQ
CD70150 training station for aircraft combustion heaters Avl RFQ
CD70146 coupler insert Avl RFQ
CD70145 coupler bulkhead Avl RFQ
CD70144 coupler body Avl RFQ
CD70133 pdt t fitting Avl RFQ
CD70121 lamp Avl RFQ
CD70116 pdt tubing Avl RFQ
CD70113 fitting 1/8" Avl RFQ
CD70108 shutoff valve Avl RFQ
CD70107 regulator Avl RFQ
CD70106 minihelic gauge Avl RFQ
CD70105 gauge low pressure Avl RFQ
CD70104 gauge high pressure Avl RFQ
CD70103 temperature monitor Avl RFQ
CD70100 self-contained c&d associates pressure decay tester  Avl RFQ
CD70092 regulator high pressure Avl RFQ
CD70091 regulator low pressure Avl RFQ
CD70090 magnehelic gauge Avl RFQ
CD70089 gauge Avl RFQ
CD70084 pdt temperature probe Avl RFQ
CD70083 gauge Avl RFQ
CD70082 gauge Avl RFQ
CD70081 pdt regulator Avl RFQ
CD70070 supply Avl RFQ
CD70049 gauge, lower bottom connection Avl RFQ
CD70035 pdt cap and plugs kit Avl RFQ
CD70019 supply assembly 2 Avl RFQ
CD70018 pdt supply Avl RFQ
CD70017 supply assembly 1-1/2" Avl RFQ
CD70016 supply assembly-1" Avl RFQ
CD70015 supply assembly - 3/4" replaces p201.57 Avl RFQ
CD70013 expansion bulb 2-1/4" Avl RFQ
CD70012 expansion bulb 1-9/16" Avl RFQ
CD70011 pdt expansion bulb 1-1/8" Avl RFQ
CD70010 pdt expansion bulb 7/8" for up to 1-1/2" diameter outlet Avl RFQ
CD65C65 cd65c65 coil, ignition Avl RFQ
CD60332 cd60332 washer Avl RFQ
CD474363 burner gasket Avl RFQ
CD41410 motor mount Avl RFQ
CD41210 number plate cd41210 Avl RFQ
CD41209 number plate Avl RFQ
CD40700 spark plug cd40700 Avl RFQ
CD40690 kit airflow/ switch assembly cd40690 Avl RFQ
CD31207 replacement part spark plug Avl RFQ
CD31206 ignitor/ spark plug Avl RFQ
CD31111 spark plug approved by faa as direct replacement for janitrol 54a35 Avl RFQ
CD31110 cd31110 blower motor assembly Avl RFQ
CD31104 ignition complete cd31104 Avl RFQ
CD31078 washer, ground electrode cd31078 is faa approved to directly replace janitrol a56a14 Avl RFQ
CD31077 cd31077 washer Avl RFQ
CD31073 electrode is faa approved to directly replace janitrol 51a05 Avl RFQ
CD30500 fan, 4 blade mini Avl RFQ
CD29151 distribution modification kit Avl RFQ
CD29127 cd29127 fuel train Avl RFQ
CD29124 regulator assembly, high pressure Avl RFQ
CD29112 fuel pump assy. 12 vdc Avl RFQ
CD29111 fuel pump assy Avl RFQ
CD22550 combustion air switch Avl RFQ
CD22070 cd22070 spark plug Avl RFQ
CD22050 cd22050 spark plug Avl RFQ
CD22040 spark plug Avl RFQ
CD22030 cd22030 spark plug assembly Avl RFQ
CD21600 cd21600 heater control switch Avl RFQ
CD21562 fuel shutoff assembly Avl RFQ
CD21520 mount, isolation Avl RFQ
CD21518 gasket Avl RFQ
CD21517 1 inch o.d. with .5 inch i.d. gasket Avl RFQ
CD21516 1 inch od .47 inch id gasket Avl RFQ
CD21505 cd21505 terminal block Avl RFQ
CD21502 cd21502 number plate Avl RFQ
CD21501 number plate Avl RFQ
CD21442 switch overheat manual reset, 225 degree Avl RFQ
CD21426 switch, overheat manual reset Avl RFQ
CD21417 exhaust shroud gasket Avl RFQ
CD21412 single row ball bearings, package of two Avl RFQ
CD21402 permanent magnetic motor, 24 vdc Avl RFQ
CD21401 long life, 12 vdc motor better by design Avl RFQ
CD21399 cd21399 switch, control thermostat linear rheostat, attaches to push-pull cable (low to high) Avl RFQ
CD21388 cd21388 ignition mount Avl RFQ
CD21387 cd21387 ignition mount Avl RFQ
CD21386 cd21386 mount ignition Avl RFQ
CD21385 cd21385 elbow, adapter 90 degree Avl RFQ
CD21384 cd21384 fan four blade Avl RFQ
CD21381 cd21381 ignition unit Avl RFQ
CD21380 cd21380 ignition unit 12vdc Avl RFQ
CD21379 cd21379 shock mount- package of three Avl RFQ
CD21348 cd21348 o-ring Avl RFQ
CD21346 cd21346 filter replacement kit needed 250 hours or 2 years after cd21340 installed Avl RFQ
CD21340 cd21340 filter assembly Avl RFQ
CD21330 cd21330 kit, lead repair Avl RFQ
CD21296 cd21296 fuel nozzle assembly Avl RFQ
CD21295 cd21295 nozzle holder assembly Avl RFQ
CD21285 cd21285 fuel nozzle holder assy. Avl RFQ
CD21255 cd21255 replaces push-pull cable Avl RFQ
CD21253 cd21253 thermostat electronic Avl RFQ
CD21252 cd21252 temperature switch Avl RFQ
CD21250 cd21250 universal lead kit Avl RFQ
CD21197 cd21197 fuel pump, universal Avl RFQ
CD21196 cd21196 fuel pump universal Avl RFQ
CD21194 cd21194 valve, solenoid Avl RFQ
CD21193 cd21193 valve, solenoid 24 vdc normally closed Avl RFQ
CD21192 cd21192 valve, solenoid Avl RFQ
CD21190 cd21190 pump/ motor universal. Avl RFQ
CD21186 cd21186 fuel pump universal Avl RFQ
CD21185A universal fuel pump, 7.0 psi, 1.25 amp, 12-vdc pass-through Avl RFQ
CD21185 cd21185 fuel pump universal Avl RFQ
CD21184A cd21184a fuel pump universal Avl RFQ
CD21184 cd21184 fuel pump universal Avl RFQ
CD21176 cd21176 fuel nozzle, 5.50 gph Avl RFQ
CD21171 cd21171 fuel nozzle, 2.25 gph Avl RFQ
CD21170 cd21170 fuel nozzle, 2.00 gph Avl RFQ
CD21169 cd21169 fuel nozzle, 1.65 gph Avl RFQ
CD21168 cd21168 fuel nozzle, 1.20 gph Avl RFQ
CD21166 cd21166 fuel nozzle, 3.00 gph Avl RFQ
CD21164 cd21164 fuel nozzle, 1.0 gph Avl RFQ
CD21163 cd21163 fuel nozzle, 1.35 gph Avl RFQ
CD21161 cd21161 fuel nozzle .65 gph Avl RFQ
CD21160 cd21160 fuel nozzle 2.8 gph Avl RFQ
CD21159 cd21159 fuel nozzle .50 gph Avl RFQ
CD21157 cd21157 fuel nozzle 1.75 gph Avl RFQ
CD21156 cd21156 fuel nozzle 2.30 gph Avl RFQ
CD21155 cd21155 fuel nozzle 2.08 gph Avl RFQ
CD21154 cd21154 fuel nozzle 1.35 gph Avl RFQ
CD21153 fuel nozzle Avl RFQ
CD21068 cd21068 gasket rope kit Avl RFQ
CD20803 fuel regulator, 24 vdc 1.0 amp Avl RFQ
CD20801 24vdc regulator Avl RFQ
CD20800 regulator, fuel shutoff Avl RFQ
CD20654B cd20654b rotary switch, heater control Avl RFQ
CD20654A cd20654a switch heater control Avl RFQ
CD20639 cd20639 fan wheel Avl RFQ
CD12C60 cd12c60 vibrator s series heater Avl RFQ
CD09D77 cd09d77 nozzle holder gasket Avl RFQ
753803 dynamic motor 24 vdc overhaul Avl RFQ
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