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Get Aircraft Preheat Systems Parts for Aviation Engine Piston and Rotorcraft

Starting the engine of an aircraft without preheating any of the components can result in long-lasting damage to the aircraft. At a standard temperature, engine parts are designed to have a certain level of clearance between one another. When the temperature of an aircraft increases or decreases however, this clearance is compromised. Much of the hardware and mechanics of an aircraft is made out of aluminum and steel. The problem with this combination is that aluminum has a far greater reaction to changing temperatures than other metals. In colder temperatures, aluminum will contract twice as much as steel, altering the clearance between components, which can cause friction and damage to the engine. To fix this problem, aircraft are usually linked to a type of preheat system in order to slowly warm up the aircraft (or specific parts of it) before turning on the engine. There are various types of preheaters ranging from portable heater systems used at FBOs, to build in preheat systems.

Electric preheat systems are the most common preheat system. They are a small electric pad that is bonded to the oil sump. Oil is preheated before the engine starts up; however, the cylinders should also be preheated using various heat covers and cases. A danger of preheat systems is the condensation that may occur as the warm air flows over cooler parts of the engine. Condensation is not a desired occurrence within an aircraft. Water can lead to corrosion which can later lead to engine damage. Condensation can also affect the accuracy of the various analog systems within the cockpit.

As mentioned, the alternative to electric preheat systems are portable engine preheaters. A blast of hot air is funneled into the bottom of the cowl via the exhaust opening. The air travels through the aircraft and exits through the front of the cowl at the air inlets. This method of preheating heats the entire of the aircraft, therefore avoiding areas of condensation. Ideally, an aircraft should be at 40 degrees °F before turning on the engine.

We at, ASAP NSN Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply aircraft engine preheat system parts worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide premium preheat system parts include Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney, Franklin, Rolls Royce (Allison), and Turbomeca.

Part No RFQ
TSTRR250-3068-115 RFQ
TSHB206-2365-230 RFQ
TSTPW100-2825-230 RFQ
TSHAW109-3134-115 RFQ
TAS300-06-DT-230 RFQ
TAS300-11-DT-115 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115 RFQ
TSHR44-2778-230 RFQ
TAS300-11A-DT-230 RFQ
TS02874-230 RFQ
TSHB429-2584-230 RFQ
TSHMD500-3089-115 RFQ
TAS100-01-R22-771-DT-115 RFQ
TSFDHC6-2972-115 RFQ
TSHB206-2365-115 RFQ
TSHAS350-3184-230 RFQ
TS02884-230 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115 RFQ
TSHAW109-3134-230 RFQ
TAS100-01-R22-771-DT-230 RFQ
TSFQ400-2955-230 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230 RFQ
TSFPC12-3080-230 RFQ
TAS300-39-DT-230 RFQ
TS02874-115 RFQ
TSHEC120-2407-115 RFQ
TSTPW545-2556-230 RFQ
TSP9CYL-2904-115 RFQ
TSFPC12-3080-115 RFQ
TSP1051-230 RFQ
TSFC208B-3049-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2579-230 RFQ
TSAPU-3090-230 RFQ
TSHEC145-2143-230 RFQ
TSTPWJT15-2131-115 RFQ
TSHB214ST-2602-115 RFQ
TSP8CYL-1045-230 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-230 RFQ
TAS100-31-107-DT RFQ
TSHAS350-3185-115 RFQ
TSP8CYL-1045-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-115 RFQ
TSHB407-3083-115 RFQ
TSHS269-2508-771-DT-115 RFQ
TSHR66-3078-230 RFQ
TSHB214ST-2602-230 RFQ
TAS300-21-DT-230 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-230 RFQ
TSHAS350-3184-115 RFQ
TSTPE331-1050-230 RFQ
TAS300-39-DT-115 RFQ
TAS300-21-DT-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-3001-230 RFQ
TSHB407-3083-230 RFQ
TSHEN280-2780-115 RFQ
TAS300-06-DT-115 RFQ
TSHAS350-3185-230 RFQ
TSFGA8-3120-115 RFQ
TSTPT6A-3058-115 RFQ
TSFPC12E-3084-230 RFQ
TSHEC135-2765-230 RFQ
TSAPU-3090-115 RFQ
TSHS269-2508-771-DT-230 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-230 RFQ
TSFQ400-2955-115 RFQ
TSHB407-3083-115 RFQ
TSTPT6A-3057-230 RFQ
TSHEN480-2504-230 RFQ
TSHEC145-2143-115 RFQ
TSP9CYL-2904-230 RFQ
TSTPW100-2209-230 RFQ
TAS300-11A-DT-115 RFQ
TSFGA8-3120-230 RFQ
TSHEN480-2504-115 RFQ
TSHMD500-3089-230 RFQ
TSHAS350-3183-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2513-115 RFQ
TSHEC120-2407-230 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2925-115 RFQ
TSTRR250-3068-230 RFQ
TSTPWJT15-2131-230 RFQ
TSFPC12E-3084-115 RFQ
TSHEC130-3186-230 RFQ
TSTPW100-2825-115 RFQ
TSHB407-3083-230 RFQ
TSP7CYL-3002-230 RFQ
TSP1051-115 RFQ
TSHEC135-2230-115 RFQ
TSHAS350-3183-230 RFQ
TSTFE731-3200-230 RFQ
TSTPE331-1050-115 RFQ
TSP7CYL-3002-115 RFQ
TSHEC135-2765-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2513-230 RFQ
TSHB412-3132-230 RFQ
TSP4CYL-3001-115 RFQ
TSP4CYL-2579-115 RFQ
TSHEC130-3186-115 RFQ
TSTPT6A-3058-230 RFQ
TSHAW119-2862-230 RFQ
TSTFE731-3200-115 RFQ
TSHAW119-2862-115 RFQ
TSHB429-2584-115 RFQ
TSHR44-2778-115 RFQ
TAS300-11-DT-230 RFQ
TS02884-115 RFQ
TSTPW100-2209-115 RFQ
TSHB412-3132-115 RFQ
TSHEC135-2230-230 RFQ
TSHR66-3078-115 RFQ
TSFC208B-3049-230 RFQ
TSHEN280-2780-230 RFQ
TSTPT6A-3057-115 RFQ
TSP6CYL-2927-115 RFQ
TSTPW545-2556-115 RFQ
TSFDHC6-2972-230 RFQ
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