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Aircraft Bearing Parts and Components List

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As the name suggests, the purpose of a aircraft bearing is to bear a load. Aircraft bearing is a small device that helps to reduce friction and bear the load within a machine. A bearing reduces the amount of friction within a machine as it has a smaller contact surface area than when two surfaces slide against each other. The linear and/or rotational movement of a machine is aided by the application of a bearing. There are many different types of bearings including ball bearings, screw bearings, baffle bearings, roller bearings, actuator bearings, and needle bearings.

We at ASAP NSN Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply bearings worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide premium bearings include, NTN Bearing Corp, Timken, RBC, Aurora, McGill, and Precision Division.

Bearings in Aerospace

Aerospace Bearings are widely used in the aerospace industry. Aircraft, UAVs, and spacecraft are all constructed using bearings. The FAA has set high standards for the manufacturing of bearings. The environment in which a bearing operates on an aircraft is subject to changes in pressure, corrosion, increased stress, and temperature. Bearings used on aircraft must be manufactured with these conditions in mind.

  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft Bearings

Aviation Bearings are used throughout a fixed-wing aircraft. Bearings can be found in the landing gear structure and in control surfaces such as ailerons, flaps, and spoilers. Bearings are also found in the interior doors of an aircraft.

  • Rotary-Wing Aircraft Bearings

Aircraft Bearings are found in the tail rotor, landing gear, main rotor, and the engine of a rotary-wing aircraft. Rotor swashplate bearings are used in the main rotor.

Bearings in Automotives

The wheel mechanisms, clutch, gearbox and suspension systems all include bearings. These are all areas that produce movement. The popular type of bearing used in automobiles are ball bearings.

Bearings in Marine Craft

Saltwater is a big factor to consider when choosing a bearing for marine craft. Saltwater causes corrosion, therefore, bearings must have a high level of tolerance to corrosion. Bearings are heavily used throughout the marine industry. Passenger vessels, cargo ships, fishing boats, and tanks all use bearings. Specific types of bearings include, thrust pad bearings, top end bearings, and pedestal bearings

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lock bearing duct a 101 126tm end ball bearing pointer assembly bearing right pin socket bearing
bearing main ldg g bearing main gear s bearing rod end 5 16 male fc cross and bearing
puller bearing moun bearing block limit flap t plate bearing block assy plate bearing inbd
bearing assy gust lock bearing double shie bearing link bearing assy rod ai
t r duplex bearing cambearing bearing connect gasket bearing
bearing set aircraf carrier bearing ass bearing flanged 3 8 id x 1 4 bearing de
bearing ball steeri cone bearing see mm design 2 note bearing rodend bearing release
bearing roller pin spacer journal bearing bearing air condittioned support insulator bearing
bearing 15mm x 24mm bearing c frame anvil bearing tool bearing piston actu
damper bearing bearing clamp stud main bearing rear bearing lubricatin
cage rotor bearing lug seat seal 2 bearing ball bearing drive end bearing set main
bearing assembly damper ovhl exch block inserting bearing bearing closed end com 3 5 bearing aurora
bearing eccentric e bearing ring half bearing carrier assy bearing assy lh rh mlg
elbow rear bearing bearing split crank bearing assembly cu bearing shock strut mlg
nlg strut bearing spacer bearing flapping fixture alignment bearing flange bearing whee
ring pintle bearing clutch bearing rem inst tools no gasket main bearing skew angle roller bearing
support bearing anti drive end bearing rubber plunger bearing s n bearing m r swashplate
retainer bearing idler gear bearing outer pinon ring yoke bearing rocker and bearing
interlay bearing bearing crank shaft bearing stop bearing rod end right handed thr
bearing roller inner rolling bearing kit main bearings bearing meter assem
bearing head and ma bearing parking brake bearing sheave ag6e bearing
aircraft bearings bearing housin spec bearing unit thrust inner gimbal bearing
tool bearing insert bearing planetary bearing nylon bearing extractor large
bearing distance indicator bearing assy of puller bearing main shim bearing
plate bearing gener inc bearing long roller ball bearing assembly cup bearing xc25697d
bearing stroke rod housing bearing ret bearing bca bearing main c shaft
bearingzwasherzthru bracket bearing sup bearing replaces lhssr 5 bearing ball annular w624t5g74
bearing roller radial and thrust support bearing mount cup tapered roller bearing repai tube drain bearing 3
sleeve bearing remo cap turbine bearing clutch and bearing body bearing insert
ball end bearing thruster bearing hole locator bushing flange bearing bearing spherical rod end
bearing bracket assy rh mandrel bearing ali washer bearingretaining cup bearing lm120710
bearing and assy bearing cyl blk pin rear transm support above bearing bearing roller turbocharger
a0019 965mv spherical bearing asna0185 052a spherical bearing pipe rear bearing lubrication bearing assembly fo
bearing clutch pilp pinion and bearing kit bearing assembly do equipped intermediate bearing
bearing tool 830006 809 00090 1 nut bearing m35 bearing c 3241 retainer bearing va
bearing roller journal bearing grease 2oz stop assy bearing rh bearing ring gr
tube oil return lh bearing bearing spoiler bellcrank bearing external rh shim center bearing
impeller drive gear bearing bearing laminated ball bearing 100 t50eg40 bearing
cup bearing inbd bearing univ link f bearing block assem drag leg bearing retaining washer
bearing roller annu equipped l h bearing support cover drive bearing bearing set standar
cam with bearing rte bearing bearing plain self aligning gear and bearing ac
bearing sleeve swashplate block assy bearing strap bearing suppor hsg housing bearing
cup ball bearing bearing shoe instru bearing control sum cam and bearing
ball bearing s c d bearing assem nose wheelpiston bearing block ba qf bracket bearing retainer rh
shaft bearing link bearing rear motor bearing fe cp inner drift bearing inner
retainer bearing pi bearing assembly lh link assy bearing bearing outer equipped
tool kit7 bearing exchange bearing 15x35x11 pad load bearing step en4041a35edt bearing
pivot bearing block assembly nlg support actuator bearing l g bracket turbine rear bearing c assembly bearing
bearing half univer bearing ball bell c bearing n d e t45e g20 ball bearing
bearing inter shim aft pinion bearing bearing sleeve flap spring strut cushion bearing pro
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