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Qualitative Aircraft Exhaust System Parts Catalog

Aircraft exhaust systems have three main functions: venting the burned combustion gases overboard, providing heat for the cabin, and defrosting the windscreen.

To understand how an exhaust system vents burned combustion gases overboard, we must first understand the combustion process.

In a nutshell, jet engines work by burning fuel in air to release hot exhaust gas. To begin, a fan at the front of the engine sucks the cold air into the engine through an inlet. Compressed air is mixed with fuel in the combustion chamber, creating exhaust gases. Thrust, the forward force produced by the powerplant, is governed by the amount of exhaust gas expelled by the exhaust system. A butterfly valve known as the wastegate opens and closes depending on fuel consumption needs.

Exhaust gases exit the cylinders via the exhaust valves. A steel/nickel alloy is used to make the valves due to the high temperature conditions.

An EGT probe measures the engine gas temperature and sends the reading to an instrument on the flight deck. The EGT specifically measures the exhaust gases. It can be used to gauge the level of fuel consumption.

If they are not properly expelled through the exhaust system, exhaust gases can be detrimental to the overall safety of an aircraft. This is because exhaust gas contains large amounts of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is deadly, odorless, and colorless. It is important that the exhaust gases do not leak into the cabin and cause harm to the passengers. Regular maintenance of the exhaust system is necessary to check for any cracks in the hardware.

The FAA sets out regulations for the amount of emissions an aircraft gives out during engine shut down and through the exhaust system. Smoke, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen are all monitored by the FAA. The Engine Fuel Venting and Exhaust Emissions certification requirements (14 CFR Part 34) apply to civil airplanes that are powered by aircraft gas turbine engines of the classes specified in the rule. The Clean Air Act of 1970 instructs the Environmental Protection Agency to work with the FAA to establish air pollution standards.

As well as venting air out of the aircraft, the exhaust system heats outside air for the purpose of heating the cabin. Exhaust heating systems are used on most light aircraft. The system routes exhaust gases away from the engine, through a muffler, and into the cabin. Heat from the exhaust system can also be used in the defrosting system controlled in the cockpit.

An additional benefit of engine exhaust system is noise reduction. Mufflers direct the engine’s sound waves through a set of tubes that are designed to partially cancel out the sound waves.

We at, ASAP NSN Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply exhaust system parts worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide premium exhaust supplies include, aFe Power, Billy Boat, Collector Tethers, and Delphi.

Part No RFQ
048-49-04003 RFQ
030-OA-PS300 RFQ
048-49-44016-B RFQ
048-49-42055 RFQ
048-49-44041-P RFQ
048-49-46102-P RFQ
030-OA-PS250 RFQ
048-49-12001 RFQ
048-49-46006-P RFQ
048-49-46011 RFQ
048-47-48005 RFQ
048-49-36313 RFQ
048-49-46001-1B RFQ
048-47-48001 RFQ
048-49-43052-P RFQ
048-49-04001NM RFQ
048-49-03054-B RFQ
048-49-03006NM RFQ
048-49-42041-P RFQ
048-49-03006 RFQ
048-49-43049-B RFQ
048-49-36321 RFQ
048-49-03002 RFQ
048-49-44035-B RFQ
048-49-02007NM RFQ
048-49-43033 RFQ
048-49-36606 RFQ
048-49-02001BR RFQ
048-46-90076 RFQ
048-49-08042 RFQ
048-#49-03003 RFQ
048-49-46008 RFQ
048-49-44035-P RFQ
048-49-44033-P RFQ
048-49-02016-B RFQ
048-49-42033-P RFQ
048-49-04040-P RFQ
048-49-36314 RFQ
048-49-44012-B RFQ
048-49-03004NM RFQ
048-49-44016-P RFQ
048-49-42041-B RFQ
048-49-02016-P RFQ
030-OA-2 RFQ
048-49-36318 RFQ
048-49-44065-B RFQ
048-49-03054 RFQ
048-49-02002NM RFQ
048-49-46006-B RFQ
048-47-48002 RFQ
048-49-44040-B RFQ
048-49-44038-P RFQ
048-49-43034 RFQ
048-49-46016-P RFQ
048-49-44070-B RFQ
048-49-04041-P RFQ
048-49-04043-P RFQ
048-49-36312-P RFQ
048-49-04043-B RFQ
048-49-43041-B RFQ
048-49-46101 RFQ
048-49-46102-B RFQ
048-49-43055 RFQ
048-48-46201 RFQ
048-49-43064-P RFQ
017-30-2355-350 RFQ
048-49-33072-P RFQ
048-49-44040 RFQ
048-49-44043-B RFQ
048-49-03002NM RFQ
048-49-03055-B RFQ
048-49-46013 RFQ
048-49-46009-B RFQ
048-49-03064-B RFQ
048-49-42001 RFQ
048-49-36407 RFQ
048-49-44012-P RFQ
048-49-03055-P RFQ
048-49-43055-P RFQ
048-49-43049-P RFQ
048-49-43042 RFQ
048-49-46212 RFQ
048-49-03003NM RFQ
048-49-44042-B RFQ
048-49-02001NM RFQ
048-49-44039-B RFQ
048-49-42033NM RFQ
048-49-36302-B RFQ
048-49-43055-B RFQ
030-OA RFQ
048-47-48004 RFQ
048-49-03003 RFQ
048-48-46008-YN RFQ
048-49-04002NM RFQ
048-49-36609 RFQ
048-49-42033-B RFQ
048-48-46202 RFQ
030-OA-DS-R2 RFQ
048-49-42030-P RFQ
048-49-43054 RFQ
048-49-02001 RFQ
048-49-02003 RFQ
048-49-03004 RFQ
048-49-46214 RFQ
048-49-43043-B RFQ
048-49-36317-P RFQ
048-49-44040-P RFQ
048-49-44043-P RFQ
048-49-43037-B RFQ
048-46-40032 RFQ
048-49-42013-B RFQ
048-49-46001-1P RFQ
048-49-46221 RFQ
048-49-46220 RFQ
048-49-36107 RFQ
017-30-2355-200 RFQ
048-49-04033NM RFQ
030-OA-O2 RFQ
048-49-36317-C RFQ
048-49-46008-B RFQ
048-49-02003NM RFQ
048-49-44065-P RFQ
048-49-43041-P RFQ
048-49-02030NM RFQ
048-49-46004 RFQ
048-49-43037-P RFQ
030-OA-PS2000 RFQ
048-49-36302-P RFQ
048-49-36603 RFQ
048-47-48003 RFQ
048-49-44041 RFQ
048-46-40042 RFQ
048-49-04040-B RFQ
048-49-42009-1 RFQ
048-49-43043-P RFQ
048-49-44041-B RFQ
048-49-43071-B RFQ
048-49-03039NM RFQ
048-49-03064-P RFQ
048-49-02016 RFQ
048-49-03001 RFQ
048-49-44033-B RFQ
048-49-04003NM RFQ
048-49-43064-B RFQ
048-48-46203 RFQ
017-30-2355-300 RFQ
048-48-46003-1YC RFQ
048-49-44042-P RFQ
048-49-02002 RFQ
048-49-36312-C RFQ
048-49-04007NM RFQ
048-49-04002 RFQ
048-49-03054-P RFQ
048-49-42016-P RFQ
048-49-04041-B RFQ
048-49-02005NM RFQ
048-49-04014 RFQ
048-49-42016 RFQ
048-49-36018 RFQ
048-48-36301-1 RFQ
048-48-36307 RFQ
048-49-36306 RFQ
048-49-46009-P RFQ
048-48-46214-YC RFQ
048-49-36316 RFQ
048-49-42016-B RFQ
048-49-04001 RFQ
048-49-42031-P RFQ
048-49-03055 RFQ
048-49-43054-P RFQ
048-49-36319 RFQ
048-48-46303 RFQ
048-49-46007 RFQ
048-49-43054-B RFQ
017-30-2355-250 RFQ
048-48-46008-YC RFQ
048-49-03001NM RFQ
048-49-44039-P RFQ
048-49-02055 RFQ
048-49-02005 RFQ
048-49-04040 RFQ
048-49-33072-B RFQ
048-49-42013-P RFQ
048-49-43024 RFQ
048-49-36311-C RFQ
048-49-04041 RFQ
048-49-43052-B RFQ
048-46-40011 RFQ
048-49-44070-P RFQ
048-49-08043 RFQ
030-OA-DS-R1 RFQ
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